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DESRI is interested in acquiring or leasing parcels of land for the construction and operation of renewable energy projects. We've worked with landowners across the country to offer attractive prices for parcels with a minimum size of 50 acres. Solar and wind farms are a cost-effective source of energy, so partnering with DESRI can benefit landowners and their communities.

  • DESRI is particularly interested in land located near electrical infrastructure with topography favorable for construction.

  • Selling to DESRI can be an attractive alternative for landowners with limited water supply or marginal farm or grazing land.

  • If you're already leasing land to a contracted project, we'd be interested in discussing a purchase of that land.

Landowner Inquiries:


In addition to developing our own projects, we frequently partner with U.S. solar and wind developers in all stages of project development. DESRI is a creative and agile development partner with an industry-leading track record of securing PPAs and bringing projects to construction and operation.

  • Developers seeking a partner to assist with financing, development, or construction can rely on DESRI's experienced team and trusted relationships to produce a mutually beneficial outcome.

  • DESRI is able to provide capital to meet development security requirements and cover other costs of development.

  • Depending on a developer's preferences, our collaboration could range from a full acquisition and transfer of responsibility to an ongoing partnership with a sharing of responsibilities and costs.

Developer Inquiries: